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Master CHO Han-Kyu founded Korean Natural Farming in 1967. His entire life has been devoted to giving farmers the tools they need to grow in harmony with Nature.

Korean Natural Farming consists of 9 core solutions that can be formulated to become a complete system for plants, livestock and human health

About CGNF-Hawaii

CGNF-Hawai'i's incorporated purpose states to foster and maintain a venue for the assessment and maintenance of quality natural farming practices and products promulgated by the teachings of Master Han-Kyu Cho.

CGNF Core Solutions and Formulas

  • Core Solutions
    • Maintenance Solution
      • Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ, FFJ)
      • Brown Rice / Banana Vinegar (BRV/BNV)
      • Oriental Herbal Nutrients (OHN)
    • Maintenance Enhancements
      • Fish Amino Acid (FAA)
      • Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate (WCP)
      • Water Soluble Calcium (WCA)
    • Microbes
      • Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)
      • Indigenous Micro Organisms #1-5 (IMO1-IMO5)
    • Minerals
      • Diluted Seawater (SEA)
  • Crop Nutrient Cycle Applications
    • Soil Foundation Formula
    • Growth Formula
    • Flowering Formula
    • Reproductive Formula
    • Ripening Formula
  • Livestock Solutions

Certification Body

CGNFI Certification Board

  • Master Han-Kyu Cho
  • Eun Ha Li

CGNF-H Certification Committee

CGNF issues 5 levels of certification


Level 1 Certification

Issued by: CGNF-H Level 2+ instructors

L1 criteria

View Level 1 Certifications


Level 2 Certification

Issued by CGNF-H Level 4+ instructors

L2 criteria 1

View Level 2 Certifications


Level 3 Certification

Issued by: CGNF-H Level 4* instructors

Special Courses & In depth studies on specific topics in natural farming

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Level 4 Certification

Issued by: CGNF-H Certification Committee

Candidates demonstrate an expert ability to convey and instruct students in the integrity of the solutions and have demonstrated personal mastery in the practice of Korean Natural Farming.

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Level 5 Certification

Issued by: Certification Body

Presently reserved for Master Cho Han-Kyu, founder of Korean Natural Farming

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